Monday, September 30, 2013

Isaac's Birthday

Isaac is 3 years old!

Oh the life of a 3 year old! Isaac is a very energetic toddler! He loves his scooter and rides along while mom walks. He loves playing tackle football with daddy too. For his birthday I was thinking of having an airplane party and had some fun ideas and then I told him about it and he shot me down! No mom I want a scooter party! It's been fun planning his first "friend" party.

The past 4 months have been rough around here trying to get him potty trained. He did really well with number 1 but he is deathly afraid of number 2! I think finally he is getting a little better. Cross your fingers!

He loves to learn new things, he knows most letters, counts to 13, and lots of shapes. We were going to put him in preschool 2 days a week but he still has 3 years until kindergarten so we will wait and just do 2 years of preschool. He is really a good boy and loves to be with his family. His cute new saying is friend. He says "my friend grandpa" or "my friend daddy". We love him so much and the silliness he brings in our home.

We had 2 scooter birthday parties for him! One in Sacramento and one at home in Redding. He loves riding his scooter and racing around. It was so fun to have his little friends over and celebrate!

Our Summer

It has been a good summer filled with family, friends and sun! It was a hot one this year and is still hot but it's September so I'm calling it Autumn!

We rented a motor home! We took it with some friends to Lake Siskiyou and stayed one night. It was fun to do a fire and see some deer! 
Isaac did his first year of swim lessons, he likes for the most part but it was a little chilly at 6pm! He got the basics down though so it was worth it!

We love going to Sacramento to visit grandparents and cousins. There is always fun going on with the family. We go there about once a month, sometimes more for special events. 

My sister Joey and her family came to Redding! It was a short trip but it was so much fun to have them. We went to Burney Falls and it was beautiful as usual.

In July, Isaac, Levi, Shannon, and I were crazy enough to drive to St. George for the Tolman Reunion. I'll just say I won't ever drive 12 hours with a potty trainee and a nursing baby! Lots of stops! The stay was good. Lots of help from my mom and sisters makes for a relaxing week.

Not much else happened over the summer, just getting the hang of two kids around here! 

Levi is 7 months old!

Levi is 7 months old!
Time flies when you're having fun! Levi is 7 months old now. Here are some of his milestones and what he is up to!
3 months- rolling over
4 months- scooting around
5 months- crawling and teething:(
6 months- still teething:( and starting to jabber a little bit
7 months- pulling up on everything and walking along a little bit. 

I can't slow this kid down, I don't know why he think he can grow up so fast!

He sleeps pretty well when he isn't teething. He loves to play with his brother which doesn't always end well but he still comes back for more! Daddy makes him so excited and happy! He is so sweet and we love having two boys around. It is never dull around here!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He is finally here!


Meet Levi Robert Walker! Born March 7, 2012 at 4:45pm. 8lbs 1oz, 20 inches long

Let's start at the beginning... When we found out we were having another baby it was very exciting! I was planning projects left and right whether it was a girl or a boy. When we found out it was a boy Sawyer was relieved, only because he is scared of all the emotions that come with girls, and I was happy either way. I still want a girl someday though! As the pregnancy went on, it seemed like our current place was getting smaller and smaller. I finally started looking for a bigger place at 8 months along and we moved (for the 3rd time in Redding) at 35 weeks pregnant! It was hard but we had lots of help from friends.

My doctor told me to take it easy at 34 weeks because I was already thinning. So of course in my head I was thinking I will probably go early. I told my mom to come a few days before my due date to be safe and was planning on an end of February boy. Well, my mom came and we went walking everyday, ate spicy food, pineapple and a few more things everyone kept suggesting for us. I went to my appointment on my due date very uncomfortable and a little sad. My doc said she wouldn't induce until 41 weeks and I said I couldn't wait that long and told her my mom was here from Texas. She had a little sympathy and said we could induce the next morning. To set my induction time I was to call the hospital at 5:30am and to my disappointment all the rooms were full and they denied me! Urge! I was so done! Well now I don't want to go into labor if the hospital is full so we took it easy that day. I woke up the next morning and called and they said come in around 8am! Yay finally!

Isaac was able to stay home and play with grams all day and I was happy that he was in good hands and I didn't have to worry about him.. Thanks mom! So I got all hooked up and started patocin by 8:30. Oh did I mention I was a 4 for a week before too so I really thought I wouldn't be induced. Anyway, I make good progress all day and I'm ready at a 10 by 3:00, but guess what...another delay. My doctor was busy and wanted to wait until the end of her work day so they took me off the medicine. Finally at 4:30 she comes in and I only push for 15 minutes!  I really don't think that my body knows how to go into labor by itself. Isaac was induced at 39 weeks because I was a 3 already at that time.

All in all it went very smooth and I loved my nurses! Sawyer was an amazing help and I couldn't have done it without him. He was very supportive and sympathetic.  We are very blessed to have a healthy new baby boy and a healthy happy mommy! I feel a lot better recovering this time around compared to Isaac. We are also blessed with amazing Grandmothers! My mom stayed here for a total of 10 days then my mother-in-law came for 4 days! I've had a few days alone now and I am now adjusting to being a mother of two and figuring out what I can and can't do with 2 kiddos.

 Coming home from hospital

 First couple of days at home. Isaac "lubs" his baby brother!

Aunt Kelsey made these CUTE shirts for the boys! Thanks Kelsey!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Waiting for Levi...

After Christmas and the New Year, I just felt like I wanted to have the baby already! I did projects and played a lot with Isaac to help the time pass to when little Levi would join our family. These are just a few photos of what we were up to for a few months while I was big pregnant. 
Isaac was sneeking out of bed and playing in his room a couple nights in a row and one night I checked on him before we went to bed and we could here him breathing but he wasn't in his bed. After a minute (a long minute it seemed) we finally looked in the closet and he had fallen asleep in there. He is really into hide and seek and we think he was "hiding". The funny thing is is that he sleeps in the total dark so he had to do this by touch!

 Isaac's new obsession in race cars and racing and crashing them!
 I'm lucky that we can go outside year a round here in Redding so we can get out and go to the park!
 Making sure the carseat is ready to go for Levi!
 Isaac loves to "help mommy" cook. He drags a chair over and stands on it and "helps". It takes me twice as long to do things but it's fun for him! 

 The good thing about Redding is that if we want to go sledding we can only about an hour away! Isaac was not loving the marshmallow feel and so many clothes and coats but once we got him on the sled he loved it!
Isaac loves his daddy! He always watched for him to come home out the window. Even though it might be Noon and I say he won't  be home for a long time. He comes back and says no "2 minutes"! They love to cuddle and watch either sports or cartoons! Yes, Isaac will actually watch sports with daddy, not for too long but daddy loves it when he does!


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